At Wahpeton Fabrication, our goal is to fill the heavy machinery attachment needs of clients across multiple industries, including the farm, construction and heavy equipment trades. We proudly serve businesses in Wahpeton and the surrounding region, fabricating quality products with on-time delivery at the agreed-upon price. No smoke and mirrors, no inferior work. 

Casey Puchalski became the new owner of Wahpeton Fabrication, of Wahpeton, ND, recently and continues its tradition of being a local, family-owned company while working with his wife, Summer.

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The craftsmen at Wahpeton Fabrication are diversified and talented, capable of producing all types of custom heavy equipment metal work for applications including:

A sampling of the products we currently fabricate includes:


Now you can trap large amounts of snow within the snow dozer and push it from the property, increasing your snow-removal volume by as much as 500%.

A thumb grasps and clamps material, increasing machine versatility when used with an excavator bucket or rake.
Ditching Buckets
These are wide, high-capacity, light-duty buckets which are generally used for light granular and soft material.
Frost Rippers
Ripping applications include poorly shot rock, extremely abrasive materials, concrete, frost ripping, prying rock, demolition, pulling rebar and stump removal.
Skeleton Buckets
Recommended applications include, separating rock, rip-rap, concrete, etc. from loose material such as dirt and sand.
General Purpose Buckets
These buckets are the all-around choice for loading, carrying, dumping and performing general clean-up work
Clean-Up Buckets
These attachments are built to handle loose materials and bulk loading applications, including spreading and smoothing coarse or granular material and finish grading
Snow Plows
Whether there is a light dusting or heavy accumulation of snow, our advanced machinery will help you clear walkways, parking lots, and sidewalks.
Wheel Loader Buckets
These are designed for extreme applications such as granite, cold slag, aggregate, coal, and recycled concrete.
Carriage Forks
These are designed to maintain a high level of visibility while handling long material such as lumber, pipe, drywall, siding, trusses, and rebar.
Concrete Crackers & Pulverizers
These attachments are designed to crush large pieces of debris into smaller chunks, making it easier to haul them away.

At Wahpeton Fabrication, everything we make is built to last. Our capabilities include on-site welding and exceptional factory work. We’re up for every challenge!

When you work with us, you are guaranteed to receive not only the best products in the industry, but also on-time delivery, upfront pricing, and first-class customer support.

We also sell steel!