Demolition/Land Clearing

At Wahpeton Fabrication, we’re proud to be under new ownership, continuing a tradition of being a local, family-owned company. Our goal is to fill the dozer attachment needs of clients across multiple industries, including the farm, construction and heavy equipment trades. Our customers also include forestry, landscaping, mining, quarry and aggregate, waste and recycling professionals, and beyond.

Whatever the business, whatever the project, Wahpeton Fabrication has the solution.

Regardless of whether you call them dozers or crawlers, Wahpeton Fabrication has the attachment you need for your workhorse. You’re in business to make money, and efficiency is the name of the game. We’ll help you find he proper dozer attachment for your application, and you’ll see production improve starting from day one, and only go up from there.

Wahpeton Fabrication will help you maximize the output from your crawler. Contact us today for more information and start improving your bottom line.


We offer thumbs to suit every machine and attachment combination. A thumb grasps and clamps material, increasing machine versatility when used with an excavator bucket or rake. We have hydraulic direct link, hydraulic progressive-link, and mechanical thumbs available.

Hydraulic Direct-Link Thumbs
We have hydraulic direct-link thumbs, featuring a four tooth, intermeshing designed and boxed frame. This thumb also provides superior grip and dexterity, suitable for day-in and day-out material handling. With 120 degrees of gripping rotation, this thumb intermeshes with bucket teeth. We have insulation and hydraulic kits available for these thumbs. We can also create custom configurations upon request.

Mechanical Thumbs
We also have fixed mechanical thumbs that come with a mounting sole plate welded to the excavator stick. The thumb has two to three working settings, and a closed, pin back setting so it lays flat along the stick while not use. The mechanical thumb is the most economical thumb for small size machines. We have thumbs available for excavators and backhoes, including steel tines with serrated edges for exceptional gripping ability.

Slab Crab

This bucket was designed specifically to remove slabs of concrete in big chunks, therefore making loading trucks fast and efficient.


Wahpeton Fabrication also offers dozer rakes to equip your dozer for general land clearing and clean up. This includes uprooting and removing trees, piling brush and light rocks, storm clean up, and demolition material. Brush guards protect the radiator and operator. If you do manage to wear down the teeth, they are replaceable.

Dozer rakes are made with high strength for excavators, backhoes, and loaders. Manufactured with superior quality and durability, they have excellent wear resistance and are designed with a tooth configuration that allows for maximum reach. They are easy to install and remove because they feature two welded brackets and two quick removal pins. Large scale custom attachments are also available to suit your needs.

We only purchase dozer rakes with the highest quality materials on the market. They fit many different size moldboards with its universal design. Thick tines are welded to a heavy wall steel tube. Several types of dozer rakes are available, including quad-arm, excavator, grove, loader, universal blade, and heavy-duty land clearing rakes. Each type of rake is manufactured from high-strength steel.

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At Wahpeton Fabrication, everything we make is built to last. Our capabilities include on-site welding and exceptional factory work. We’re up for every challenge!

When you work with us, you are guaranteed to receive not only the best products in the industry, but also on-time delivery, upfront pricing, and first-class customer support.