Loader Attachments

At Wahpeton Fabrication, we’re proud to be under new ownership, continuing a tradition of being a local, family-owned company. Our goal is to fill the loader attachment needs of clients across multiple industries, including the farm, construction and heavy equipment trades. Our customers also include forestry, landscaping, mining, quarry and aggregate, and waste and recycling professionals. Whatever the business, whatever the project, Wahpeton Fabrication has the solution.

Where would you be without your loader? It’s a must-have tool across many industries. Now your loader can be adapted to nearly any application, thanks to new, innovative attachments on the market. Whether it’s rip-rap handling, rubbish cleanup, concrete loading, snow plowing, snow pushing and more, you’ll find the right sized add-on for your particular job at a price you can afford with loader attachments from Wahpeton Fabrication.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and our talented team is up to any challenge you can introduce. Call us today for more information.


Light Material

Used for digging in soils where shock loading and abrasive materials are not expected. Easier digging conditions, soil, sand, etc.

General Purpose

Our wheel loader buckets are designed for challenging applications such as granite, cold slag, aggregate, coal, and recycled concrete. These buckets are the finest, most durable wheel loader buckets you can buy.

Rock Bucket

Separating rock, rip-rap, concrete, etc. from loose material such as dirt and sand. NOT for extreme digging or prying.


 The Sno-dozer can expand snow removal volume by as much as 500% over conventional blades or buckets. 

  • Push 5 to 38 yards of snow all in one pass
  • Severe-duty chassis designed for high performance snow removal at airports and highway departments and more
  • Used for plowing, blowing, or brooming snow
  • More visibility than conventional snow blade

Learn more by visiting our Sno-Dozer page.

Carriage Forks

Our carriage forks, manufactured in-house at Wahpeton Fabrication, are designed to maintain a high level of visibility while handling long material such as lumber and pipe. The tines are forged and heated to deliver performance you need on a tough job site, and the width is adjusted manually. There are also several fork-spread sizes, ranging from 86” – 34” to 102” – 34”. Carriage forks offer an efficient handling solution, optional bolt-on carriage, and are compliant with FEM standards.

This type of fork spreader includes full length fork pockets for additional strength that will fit your specific fork. Optional quick attachments or a direct fork slip-on is also a featured option. You’ll be able to pick up extra wide or flexible loads, including drywall, lumber, pipe, siding, trusses, and rebar. Tailor made attachments are suited to your specific needs and match any application requirements.


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At Wahpeton Fabrication, everything we make is built to last. Our capabilities include on-site welding and exceptional factory work. We’re up for every challenge!

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